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Stealth SkillSkills

Stealth Skill

The Stealth skill is a tactical Physical ability that enables players to move incognito, minimizing…
September 1, 2023
Botany SkillSkills

Botany Skill

The Botany skill is a sophisticated Science Skill refining your proficiency in recognizing, collecting, and…
September 1, 2023
Dueling SkillSkills

Dueling Skill

Dueling is a beginner-level Combat Skill enhancing the damage output of your hand-to-hand weapons. With…
August 29, 2023
Robotics SkillSkills

Robotics Skill

The Robotics skill, categorized as an Expert Tech Skill, fine-tunes your prowess in constructing, mending,…
August 28, 2023