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Starfield, offers a unique blend of space exploration, character development, and intricate gameplay mechanics. At the heart of this experience lies the game’s skill system. Starfield skills are not just mere upgrades; they are essential tools that shape the way players interact with the vast universe, making them crucial for every aspiring space explorer.

Starfield Skills

Best Starfield Skills to Unlock First

1. Fitness (Physical Tree)

Exploration is a cornerstone of the Starfield experience. The Fitness skill becomes indispensable, especially when reaching its fourth rank, enhancing the player’s ability to traverse diverse terrains and environments.

2. Weight Lifting (Physical Tree)

With the universe filled with treasures, having ample inventory space is paramount. The Weight Lifting skill ensures players can carry more, making exploration and looting a breeze.

3. Weapon Skill of Choice (Combat Tree)

Starfield boasts a plethora of weapon types. Choosing and mastering a preferred weapon skill is essential for those intense space combats.

4. Commerce

In the vastness of space, Credits are the universal currency. The Commerce skill ensures players get the best deals, whether buying starships or trading goods.

5. Security (Tech Tree)

Locked doors and containers are common obstacles. With the Security skill, players can bypass these barriers, unveiling hidden treasures and secrets.

6. Scavenging

In a universe where resources are key, the Scavenging skill ensures players get the most out of every loot, from Credits to essential supplies.

7. Boost Pack Training (Tech Tree)

Navigating diverse terrains requires agility. The Boost Pack Training skill is vital, allowing players to use their boost packs efficiently, scaling heights and avoiding dangers.

8. Surveying (Science Tree)

Knowledge is power. The Surveying skill enhances the hand scanner, aiding players in gathering valuable data about planets and their resources.

9. Piloting (Tech Tree)

Space combat and interstellar travel are inevitable. The Piloting skill ensures players can maneuver their ships with precision, making space journeys smoother and combats more favorable.

10. Medicine (Science Tree)

Space is fraught with dangers. The Medicine skill enhances the efficiency of aid items, ensuring players stay in top shape during their adventures.

All Starfield Skills

Ballistics Ballistic ability enhances your expertise with weapons that inflict physical harm.
Pistol Certification deal increased damage.
Shotgun CertificationCombat1Shotguns deal increased damage.
Dueling weapons deal increased damage and you take less damage while wielding a melee weapon.
LasersCombat1Laser weapons deal increased damage.
Demolitions show a trajectory arc and explosives are more effective.
Heavy Weapon Certification weapons deal increased damage.
IncapacitationCombat2EM weapons deal increased damage.
Particle BeamsCombat2Particle beam weapons deal increased damage.
Rifle CertificationCombat2Rifles deal increased damage.
Rapid Reloading specific weapons faster.
Sniper Certification weapons are steadier and deal increased damage.
Marksmanship crit hit chance with non-automatic weapons.
TargetingCombat3Increased hip fire accuracy and range, while marking enemies that damage you.
Armor PenetrationCombat4Attacks ignore a percentage of the target's armor.
CripplingCombat4Human enemies have an increased chance of being downed.
SharpshootingCombat4Increased critical damage for hits with ranged weapons.
Wellness Wellness ability boosts your health capacity, allowing you to withstand more damage before succumbing.
Weight LiftingPhysical1Enhances your overall load-bearing capacity.
Stealth a Stealth Meter and enhances your ability to remain undetected while using stealth in Starfield.
FitnessPhysical1Boosts the available oxygen supply.
BoxingPhysical1Attacks without weapons inflict more damage, and powerful strikes consume less oxygen.
Energy Weapon DissipationPhysical2Reduce energy damage received.
Environmental ConditioningPhysical2Gain resistance to environment damage.
GymnasticsPhysical2Adds combat slide ability and reduces fall damage.
NutritionPhysical2Food and drink become more effective.
Pain TolerancePhysical2Physical damage is reduced.
Cellular RegenerationPhysical3Increases the chance of recovering from injuries naturally.
DecontaminationPhysical3Increases the chance of recovering from infections naturally.
Martial ArtsPhysical3Increases the chance to crit or disarm with a melee or unarmed attack.
ConcealmentPhysical4Ranged sneak attacks and melee sneak attacks deal increased damage.
Neurostrikes to stun NPCs with unarmed attacks.
RejuvenationPhysical4Regenerate health over time.
AstrodynamicsScience1Increases grav jump range and reduces fuel cost of jump drives.
MedicineScience1Recovery items restore additional health faster.
Research MethodsScience1Resources required for crafting and research are reduced.
SurveyingScience1Increases zoom and scan distance of hand scanner.
Geology more inorganic resources from surface objects.
Botany more organic resources from plants and additional scanner info on them.
ScanningScience2Detect inorganic resources on planet and moon surfaces, and get more info on ships.
Spacesuit DesignScience2Research and craft improved spacesuit, helmet, and pack mods.
Weapon EngineeringScience2Research and craft improved weapon mods.
ZoologyScience2Get more organic resources from creatures and additional scanner info on them.
AstrophysicsScience3Increased scanning range and chance to discover a trait.
Chemistry and craft improved chems.
Outpost EngineeringScience3Research and craft improved outpost modules.
Aneutronic FusionScience4Ship reactors produce extra units of power.
Planetary HabitationScience4Build outposts on inhospitable planets and increase maximum number of outposts you can build.
Special ProjectsScience4Research experimental projects and craft unique manufactured components.
Scavenging seems to be an ability that enhances the quantity of items you discover in containers, and at advanced skill levels, it might also boost the rarity of those items.
Gastronomy and craft additional food and drinks.
Persuasion the chance of success when persuading someone.
Commerce for less and sell for more.
TheftSocial1Unlocks pickpocket ability and increases success.
DeceptionSocial2Stronger ships will surrender to piracy demands and enemy contraband scans are less effective.
IntimidationSocial2Force a target NPC to flee for a limited time.
IsolationSocial2Increased weapon damage and damage resistance when you don't have a companion or crew.
NegotiationSocial2Unlocks bribery option in speech challenges and reduces cost.
Diplomacy a target NPC to stop fighting for a while.
Instigation a target NPC to attack their allies for a limited time.
Leadership companion affinity, health, and carrying capacity.
Outpost ManagementSocial3Additional resources can be placed at outposts.
ManipulationSocial4Force a target NPC to obey commands for a limited time.
Ship CommandSocial4Increase the maximum number of active crew members.
Xenosociology Xenosociology ability empowers the player to influence extraterrestrial beings, either by causing them to retreat or directing them to execute a particular action.
Piloting can use ship thrusters and pilot higher class ships.
Security to hack higher level locks and bank auto attempts.
Boost Pack TrainingTech1You can use Starfield boost packs and they are more efficient.
Ballistic Weapon SystemsTech1Ballistic ship weapons deal increase damage and are more efficient.
Targeting Control SystemsTech1Unlock ship targeting function and make it more efficient.
Payloads cargo holds have increased capacity.
Energy Weapon SystemsTech2Energy ship weapons deal increase damage and are more efficient.
Engine SystemsTech2Ship's top speed increased and boosts last longer while cooling down faster.
Shield SystemsTech2Ship has increased shield capacity.
Starship Design installation of improved ship modules.
Missile Weapon Systems missile weapons deal increased damage and are more efficient.
Robotics increased damage to robots and turrets, and force a target robot to stop fighting for a limited time.
Particle Beam Weapon SystemsTech3Ship particle beam weapons deal increased damage and are more efficient.
Starship EngineeringTech3Ship systems repair faster and are more resilient.
Automated Weapon SystemsTech4Automated ship weapons deal increased damage and are more efficient.
Boost Assault TrainingTech4Can damage or knockdown enemies when using boost.
EM Weapon SystemsTech4EM ship weapons deal increased damage and are more efficient.

Starfield’s Skill Trees and Ranks Explained

Starfield offers players a choice between five distinct skill trees:

  1. Physical: This tree focuses on the physical prowess and endurance of the character. Skills here might include strength, agility, and stamina.
  2. Social: Skills in this tree affect interactions with NPCs, including persuasion, bartering, and intimidation.
  3. Combat: As the name suggests, this tree enhances the player’s combat capabilities, from weapon proficiency to tactical maneuvers.
  4. Science: This tree is for the tech-savvy space explorers. Skills might involve spaceship mechanics, alien biology, or even advanced physics.
  5. Tech: Focusing on the use and modification of technology, this tree offers skills related to hacking, engineering, and robotics.

Understanding the Tier System

Each skill tree operates on a tier system. As players progress and earn skill points, they can allocate these points to move up in tiers. Each tier has specific point requirements, and advancing to a higher tier unlocks more potent skills and abilities.

Ranks within Starfield Skills

Beyond the tier system, each skill in Starfield has four ranks. Each rank represents a higher level of mastery in that particular skill. As players invest more points into a skill, they can unlock its subsequent ranks, each offering enhanced effects or additional benefits.

For instance, a rank one skill in hacking might allow players to access basic security systems, while a rank four skill could let them take control of advanced alien technologies.

How to Level Up in Starfield

In Starfield, gaining XP through gameplay allows you to obtain more skill points. To advance the Rank of your chosen skills, you must finish in-game challenges associated with them. These challenges, primarily centered around the skill’s usage, set specific milestones for you. After completing a challenge, you must allocate another skill point to elevate your Rank. Doing so unveils the subsequent challenge. To achieve the highest Rank 4 skill level, you’ll need to conquer three such challenges.


What are the main skill trees in Starfield?

Starfield features five skill trees, including Physical, Social, Combat, Science, Tech, each offering unique abilities and enhancements.

How do players unlock and upgrade skills?

Players earn skill points as they progress, which can be used to unlock and upgrade skills within the various skill trees.

Are there any skills that are more important than others?

While all skills offer unique advantages, some like Fitness and Piloting might be more crucial depending on a player’s play style and objectives.

How do skills impact gameplay and character progression?

Skills shape the way players interact with the game world, influencing combat, exploration, trading, and more. They are essential for character growth and achieving success in Starfield.