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The Boost Pack Training skill is an introductory Tech Skill designed to enhance your proficiency with the Boost Pack. This skill empowers you to swiftly evade threats, access hard-to-reach spots, or simply traverse faster.

Skill’s Functionality:

The skill refines your expertise in handling the Boost Pack.

Is there a progression system for Boost Pack Training?

At present, this skill doesn’t offer progression tiers and remains constant without further advancements.

Are there specific objectives associated with this skill?

Execute a boost jump 10 times during combat scenarios.

Which game strategies synergies with Boost Pack Training in Starfield?

  1. Exploration Build: This strategy is tailored for delving deep into the game, unveiling concealed treasures. Integrating the Boost Pack Training skill amplifies your agility, facilitating exploration of challenging terrains.
  2. Stealth Build: Ideal for those who aim to move inconspicuously, circumventing enemy detection. Incorporating Boost Pack Training enhances your movement speed, allowing for stealthier navigation.
  3. Melee Build: Centered around combat using hand-to-hand weapons like swords and axes, this strategy benefits from the Boost Pack Training skill by providing swifter mobility, bridging the gap between you and adversaries rapidly.

Type: Tech
Tier: 1

Boost Pack Training Skill