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The Botany skill is a sophisticated Science Skill refining your proficiency in recognizing, collecting, and growing plants within the Starfield universe. Armed with this skill, you can discern and gather plants beneficial for nutrition, medical application, or craft supplies.

What benefits does Botany offer?

Enhances your speed in locating and analyzing plant life, while also boosting your chance of acquiring rare materials from various vegetation.

How is the Botany skill tiered?

Botany is categorized into 4 distinct ranks:

  1. Acquire common to uncommon organic elements from plants, gain in-depth knowledge via the scanner, and initiate plant cultivation at your bases.
  2. Gather rare organic materials from plants and rapidly obtain their details via the scanner.
  3. Extract exotic organic elements from plants and swiftly garner insights using the scanner.
  4. On occasion, glean especially rare materials from plants and promptly attain data through the scanner.

Are there specific goals associated with this skill?

Invest 4 Skill Points within the Science branch. Document 10 distinct plant species.

Which gameplay style aligns perfectly with the Botany skill?

  1. Trailblazer: This dynamic build is adaptable, paving multiple avenues for the player. Whether you’re inclined towards venturing into uncharted territories to discover plants or utilizing flora to thrive in unforgiving terrains, the direction is entirely in your hands!
  2. Botanist: Tailored for the curious, this concentrated build is all about plant research and its diverse applications. It’s the go-to for players keen on immersing in Starfield’s botanical wonders.
  3. Herbalist: This pragmatic build zeroes in on the medicinal power of plants. Ideal for those with a healing touch and an always-be-prepared mentality.

Type: Science
Tier: 2

Botany Skill