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The Stealth skill is a tactical Physical ability that enables players to move incognito, minimizing chances of detection by adversaries. This skill is indispensable for players who prefer a covert approach or wish to catch enemies off-guard.

Functionality of Stealth:

The skill lets you discreetly approach and neutralize targets using weapons that don’t draw attention.

What is the progression system for Stealth?

Currently, Stealth doesn’t offer any progression tiers and remains static in terms of advancements.

Are there specific milestones tied to the Stealth skill?

Achieve 10 stealth-based attacks to mark a milestone.

Which gameplay strategies align with Stealth?

  1. Thief: Geared towards leveraging stealth for pilfering items discreetly. Key attributes include Agility and Luck, complemented by mastering skills like Lockpicking and Persuasion.
  2. Assassin: Prioritizes the stealthy elimination of targets from concealed positions. An emphasis on Agility and Perception is recommended, along with honing abilities in Marksmanship and Intimidation.
  3. Saboteur: Revolves around clandestinely damaging or incapacitating enemy assets. It’s crucial to focus on Agility and Intelligence, while also developing competencies in Engineering and Demolitions.

Type: Physical
Tier: 1

Stealth Skill