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Neurostrikes is a unique skill empowering players to inflict devastating damage using unarmed strikes. It’s an essential tool for those aiming to engage adversaries from afar or incapacitate them swiftly.

What’s the primary function of Neurostrikes?

This skill lets players deliver high-impact damage without the use of weapons.

How can you progress in Neurostrikes?

At present, Neurostrikes does not have any progression ranks and cannot be enhanced further.

Are there objectives tied to this skill?

No specific challenges are associated with this skill currently.

Which gameplay style synergizes with Neurostrikes?

  1. Infiltrator: Centered on utilizing Neurostrikes for stealthy infiltrations and extracting confidential information. Prioritizing attributes like Intelligence and Perception is key, alongside mastering related skills like Hacking and Persuasion.
  2. Terrorist: Emphasizing the use of Neurostrikes to instill fear and wreak havoc. Investing substantially in Intelligence and Strength is crucial, combined with expertise in Demolitions and Intimidation.

Type: Physical
Tier: 4

Neurostrikes Skill