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The Marksmanship skill is a superior Combat Skill, honing the precision of firearms and other ranged weaponry when utilizing scopes or iron sights. Armed with this skill, users can efficiently target and hit adversaries, even while aligning their aim through sights.

What’s the functionality of Marksmanship?

Enhances the precision of firearms and distant weapons when utilized with a scope or iron sights.

How does one progress in the Marksmanship skill?

At present, there aren’t any available ranks for this skill, meaning progression is not feasible.

Are there specific milestones to attain in this skill?

Currently, no milestones are set for this skill.

Which gameplay approach synergies best with the Marksmanship skill?

  1. Sniper Build: Centralizing on sniper rifles, this strategy is designed for eliminating foes from afar. A substantial emphasis on Perception and Agility is crucial, complemented by mastery in Marksmanship, Stealth tactics, Endurance, and Survival techniques.
  2. Rifleman Build: This strategy accentuates the use of rifles for mid-range enemy engagement. Prioritizing Perception and Agility is key, further enriched by proficiency in Marksmanship, Rifle Certification, Endurance, and Survival techniques.
  3. Gunslinger Build: This approach is tailored for pistol enthusiasts aiming to neutralize adversaries from a stretch. An emphasis on Agility and Perception is paramount, coupled with skills in Marksmanship, Pistol Certification, Endurance, and Survival.

Type: Combat
Tier: 4

Marksmanship Skill