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In Starfield, the Heavy Weapons Certification stands as a premier Combat Skill, enhancing the damage output of heavy weapons. These formidable arms are paramount for dishing out colossal damage to adversaries.

What does the Heavy Weapon Certification achieve?

Boosts the damage potency of heavy weaponry.

What are the progression levels for this skill?

  1. Amplify heavy weapon damage by 10%.
  2. Boost heavy weapon damage by 20%.
  3. Enhance heavy weapon damage by 30%.
  4. Receive a 30 damage resistance while aiming with a heavy weapon.

Milestones for Skill Enhancement:

  1. Neutralize 20 foes using a heavy weapon.
  2. Take out 50 adversaries with a heavy weapon.
  3. Eliminate 125 enemies wielding a heavy weapon.
  4. Dispatch 250 enemies by harnessing a heavy weapon.

Which strategy aligns best with the Heavy Weapon Certification?

  1. Power Armor Specialist Build: This strategy revolves around pairing power armor with heavy weapons for devastating damage. A significant investment in Strength and Endurance is recommended, accompanied by mastery in the Heavy Weapon Certification, Power Armor expertise, and the Armorer skill.
  2. Sniper Build: This approach emphasizes leveraging heavy weapons for long-range eliminations. Concentrating on Perception and Agility is crucial, along with the Heavy Weapon Certification, Marksmanship, and Covert Ops skills.

Type: Combat
Tier: 3

Heavy Weapon Certification Skill