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Within Starfield, the Settled Systems represent a thriving free market. Almost anyone, armed with the appropriate skills, can venture into and operate their own business within this economic landscape.

What’s the purpose of the Commerce skill?

Empowers players to launch and efficiently manage their businesses.

Skill Tiers for Commerce:

At the moment, this skill doesn’t feature any ranks and isn’t upgradable.

Challenges for the Commerce Skill:

Currently, there are no associated challenges.

Optimal Builds for Commerce:

The Commerce skill augments your capacity to negotiate better buying prices and optimize selling rates. It harmonizes well with:

  1. Trader Build: Key abilities for this build encompass Bargaining, Speech, Barter, Tradecraft, and Commerce. Enhancing this profile further, skills like Perception, Luck, and Negotiation could also be valuable for making profitable deals.
  2. Merchant Build: Essential skills for this profile include Bargaining, Speech, Barter, Perception, and Luck. Augmenting this build, skills such as Commerce, Negotiation, and Streetwise can further refine your entrepreneurial acumen.

Type: Social
Tier: 1

Commerce Skill