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Dueling is a beginner-level Combat Skill enhancing the damage output of your hand-to-hand weapons. With this skill, not only will you inflict more damage upon adversaries using melee weapons, but you can also neutralize them discreetly.

Function of Dueling:

Boosts the damage inflicted using melee weapons.

Skill Tiers for Dueling:

Hand-to-hand weapons inflict an additional 10% damage.

Challenges for the Dueling Skill:

No challenges are associated with this skill currently.

Ideal Build Pairings for Dueling:

  1. Melee Build: This approach zeroes in on combat with close-combat weapons such as swords, axes, and maces. Players seeking intense face-to-face encounters with adversaries will find the melee build especially suitable.
  2. Stealth Build: Designed around the art of evasion and surprise attacks. Dueling seamlessly complements a stealth build, enabling players to swiftly and silently neutralize foes.

Type: Combat
Tier: 1