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The Robotics skill, categorized as an Expert Tech Skill, fine-tunes your prowess in constructing, mending, and enhancing robots. As the modern battlefield increasingly features robots and self-operating turrets, mastering robotics can provide a pivotal advantage.

Function of Robotics:

Enhances your competency in crafting, restoring, and tweaking robots.

Skill Tiers for Robotics:

Inflict 10% augmented damage on Robots and Turrets.

Challenges Associated with Robotics:

Currently, no challenges are presented for this skill.

Optimal Build Choices for Robotics:

  1. Technologist Build: Oriented around leveraging technological tools. Individuals with this build often have expertise in engineering, IT, and scientific endeavors, making them aptly suited for intricate tech tasks, including Robotics.
  2. Combat Build: Primarily geared towards direct confrontations utilizing weaponry and advanced tech. Skilled in wielding both arms and robotic allies, users can deploy robots for combat support or as strategic diversions against adversaries.
  3. Exploration Build: Focused on delving deep into uncharted territories and discovering concealed riches. Through Robotics, users can fabricate mechanized companions that assist in navigating perilous zones or serve as carriers for essential gear.

Type: Tech
Tier: 4