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The Security skill, a basic Tech Skill, enhances your proficiency in hacking and lockpicking tasks. Even though digital lock systems are applauded for their sturdiness, the right skills can make any code susceptible to cracking.

Role of Security Skill:

Empowers you with better hacking and lockpicking capabilities.

Rank Progression for Security Skill:

  1. Capable of hacking Advanced locks with the provision to accumulate 2 automatic attempts.
  2. Expert locks are within reach, allowing 3 auto attempts. When a pick can be aligned, rings will glow blue.
  3. Ambit extends to hacking Master-level locks, permitting 4 automatic tries.
  4. Utilize a digipick to discard unnecessary keys for puzzle-solving. Up to 5 automatic attempts can be stored.

Challenges to Boost the Security Skill:

  • Ascend to this rank to fortify the skill.
  • Successfully pick 5 locks.
  • Accomplish lockpicking for 15 locks.

Best Build Alignments for the Security Skill:

  1. Stealth Build: Centered on evasive maneuvers and unsuspected strikes on adversaries. The Security skill aids in circumventing obstacles like digital locks, paving a smoother path to outsmart enemies.
  2. Exploration Build: Primarily concerned with delving into unknown terrains and unearthing concealed artifacts. With Security, bypass intricate locks, facilitating exploration into restricted zones and unearthing concealed valuables.
  3. Thief Build: Dedicated to surreptitious acquisition and seamless getaways. The Security skill ensures that obstacles, from digital barriers to coded passwords, pose little threat, guaranteeing efficient thefts sans detection.

Type: Tech
Tier: 1