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The Pistol Certification is an entry-level Combat Skill enhancing the damage output of pistols. Given the widespread use of handguns within the Settled Systems, proficiency with these firearms is often deemed crucial.

Purpose of Pistol Certification:

Amplifies damage inflicted by pistols.

Ranking of Pistol Certification Skill:

Pistols achieve a damage boost of 10%.

Skill Challenges for Pistol Certification:

  • Eliminate 20 adversaries using a pistol.
  • Dispatch 50 foes with a pistol.
  • Take down 125 enemies armed with a pistol.
  • Neutralize 250 opponents wielding a pistol.

Optimal Builds for Pistol Certification:

  1. Outlaw Build: Concentrated on employing pistols for theft and heists. Prioritize investments in Agility and Luck, complemented by skills like Pistol Certification, Marksmanship, and Intimidation.
  2. Bounty Hunter Build: Tailored for those who use pistols to pursue and apprehend outlaws. It demands substantial investments in Agility and Perception, supplemented by Pistol Certification, Marksmanship, and Persuasion skills.
  3. Mercenary Build: Oriented towards warriors who favor pistols in battlefronts and skirmishes. Key investments should be made in Agility and Strength, bolstered by Pistol Certification, Marksmanship, and Demolitions skills.

Type: Combat
Tier: 1