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The Leadership skill empowers you to take the helm and guide both your team and NPCs in Starfield. As you refine this skill, your comrades-in-arms will show heightened combat prowess and will more readily heed your directives.

Functionality of Leadership:

Enhances the skill of those who fight alongside you.

Ranks for Leadership Skill:

Companions develop a rapport with you 15% more swiftly.

Challenges for Leadership Skill:

Journey 1000 meters while accompanied by a follower.

Optimal Builds for Leadership:

  1. Leader Build: This approach emphasizes harnessing leadership to accomplish objectives. A substantial investment in Charisma and Intelligence is recommended for this build. Furthermore, honing skills like Leadership, Speech, Diplomacy, and Negotiation will be advantageous.
  2. Military Leader Build: Tailored for those aiming to command military contingents and secure victory in confrontations. It’s crucial to invest profoundly in Charisma and Strength for this archetype. Additionally, skills such as Leadership, Intimidation, and Barter will be pivotal.

Type: Social
Tier: 4