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Geology is a skill rooted in the domain of science, honing your proficiency in discerning, examining, and extracting geological formations. Possessing this skill equips you with the capability to recognize and extract formations essential for crafting tools, weapons, or armors.

Functionality of Geology:

It enhances your expertise in distinguishing, scrutinizing, and mining geological formations.

Ranks of Geology Skill:

Currently, there aren’t any ranks available for this skill, and it cannot be upgraded for now.

Challenges Associated with Geology:

No challenges are linked to this skill at present.

Optimal Builds for Geology:

  1. Exploration Build: Centralized on venturing across the game realm and uncovering concealed treasures. With Geology, you can pinpoint and study geological structures, aiding in the discovery of fresh resources and unraveling a planet’s past.
  2. Scientist Build: This build pivots on leveraging science. Typically proficient in disciplines like physics, chemistry, and biology, these players find Geology invaluable for decoding planetary geological histories and innovating new technologies.

Type: Science
Tier: 1