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Chemistry stands as an advanced Science Skill, enhancing your expertise in detecting, formulating, and employing chemical compounds. This skill empowers you to recognize and concoct chemical mixtures applicable for myriad tasks.

Functionality of Chemistry:

It amplifies your proficiency in recognizing, formulating, and utilizing chemical mixtures.

Ranks of Chemistry Skill:

Users can develop advanced chems and delve into further chem research at a designated Research Lab.

Challenges Associated with Chemistry:

Formulate 10 distinct chems.

Optimal Builds for Chemistry:

  1. Stealth Build: Utilize chems to amplify your stealth capacities, enabling a more covert approach towards adversaries and neutralizing them unnoticed.
  2. Melee Build: Employ chems to escalate your brute strength and damage output, transforming you into a formidable hand-to-hand combatant.
  3. Exploration Build: Apply chems to enhance your stamina and resilience, facilitating smoother exploration of Starfield’s expansive realms.

Type: Science
Tier: 4