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The Sniper Certification is an esteemed Combat Skill, enhancing the stability of your scoped weaponry. This skill sharpens your long-range precision, facilitating effortless takedowns of distant adversaries.

Functionality of Sniper Certification:

Enhances the stability of your scoped weaponry.

Ranks for Sniper Certification Skill:

Scoped weapons exhibit enhanced stability and reduced sway.

Challenges for Sniper Certification Skill:

  • Eliminate 20 adversaries using a sniper rifle.
  • Dispatch 50 foes with a sniper rifle.
  • Take out 125 enemies with a sniper rifle.
  • Neutralize 250 enemies employing a sniper rifle.

Optimal Builds for Sniper Certification:

  1. Mercenary Build: Oriented towards leveraging sniper rifles in battle scenarios. Significant investments in Perception and Strength are vital, complemented by Sniper Certification, Marksmanship, and Demolitions skills.
  2. Sharpshooter Build: Tailored for utilizing sniper rifles to apprehend lawbreakers. Heavy allocations towards Perception and Agility are key, supplemented by Sniper Certification, Marksmanship, and Persuasion skills.
  3. Infiltrator Build: Designed for covert operations using sniper rifles to breach enemy defenses and acquire classified intel. A strong focus on Perception and Intelligence is essential, coupled with Sniper Certification, Marksmanship, and Hacking skills.

Type: Combat
Tier: 4