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Scavenging is a beginner-level social ability that sharpens a player’s knack for spotting items, be it in darkness or daylight. Their success often hinges on knowing the right places and methods to search.

What is the purpose of Scavenging?

It enables you to discover items that players lacking the skill might overlook.

How is Scavenging ranked?

At present, this skill doesn’t have any ranks and isn’t upgradable.

Are there specific tasks associated with the Scavenging skill?

No challenges are linked to this skill currently.

Which character setup is most compatible with Scavenging?

Infiltrator: This setup emphasizes the use of Scavenging, Hacking, and Lockpicking to breach secure zones and pilfer precious items. A significant investment in Perception, Intelligence, and Agility is crucial, along with honing the Scavenging, Hacking, Lockpicking, and Stealth abilities.

Explorer: This setup revolves around employing Scavenging, Science, and Survival to traverse the galaxy and unearth prized relics. It’s vital to heavily invest in Intelligence, Perception, and Endurance, and also focus on the Scavenging, Science, Survival, and Outdoorsman abilities.

Type: Social
Tier: 1